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Lodge Rental

Dommisse Lodge Rental

The Dommisse Lodge/Bunkhouse is available to scouting groups, 4-H Clubs, church and service organizations, schools, and other interested groups for overnights at Marsh Haven. The lodge has 26 fold down bunk beds (mattresses are NOT provided, so plan to bring air mattresses or thick bedrolls!), stove, microwaves, refrigerator, kitchen area, tables and chairs, heat, electricity and running water. There is near-by access to both primitive and flush toilets. The lodge can be divided into two separate sides to accommodate male and female groups. Reservations are necessary and a selection of programs can be available during group stays. Please discuss any requested programming during the reservation process. If your organization is looking for service project options, we always have a list of projects!

Fees for Dommisse Lodge

$75 per night.
Call (920) 318-9518 to reserve a date.

Need to Know…

  • The director lives on the property, and if you need immediate assistance, call 920-318-9518. In case of a medical, fire, or other life-threatening emergency, call 911. Marsh Haven is located at W10145 Highway 49 East in the town of Waupun, Fond du Lac County.
  • Restroom options: The pit toilets are located in the block building near the Dommisse Lodge and are available 24/7. The running water public restrooms are located inside the Vine/Griffith Main Building and can be accessed during our open hours of 12 to 4pm Thursdays & Fridays and 10am to 4pm weekends. Please let a staff member know if any supplies are needed in any of the restrooms.
  • There are games, puzzles, volleyball, croquet and other activities in the lodge. Feel free to utilize, just return when done.
  • Please clean up after your group. We do compost and recycle here at Marsh Haven and we can provide containers for this purpose.
  • Please be aware that Wild Parsnip is here on the grounds. Educate your guests on what this plant looks like and the fact that contact can cause painful blisters and scarring. You will find most Wild Parsnip in the tall prairie grass.
  • Wood is available for campfires, feel free to utilize wood from the pile near the campfire ring. Practice good fire safety, watch your fire and make sure it is completely out before leaving. There is a water hydrant with hose for safety and for water use. There is also electricity at the post near the tables in the campfire area.

Rules While Staying at Marsh Haven Nature Center

  • We recognize and appreciate the “Leave No Trace Principles
  • Please communicate your arrival time so that we can make sure the gates are unlocked and someone is here to greet you.
  • Please leave your pets at home and enjoy the wildlife here at Marsh Haven.
  • Leave the lodge and bathrooms as clean or cleaner than you found them. If you need any cleaning supplies or garbage bags, just ask.
  • Remind all members of your party to keep doors closed – especially the back classroom door. If doors are left open we have ground squirrels, insects, and other critters coming inside. It’s also hard on the hinges to leave the doors swinging in the wind.
  • Do not put trash in the fire pit, even to burn it. It is not a burn barrel and we follow the philosophy that the fire should be shown respect. We do not want to leave trash in the fire ring for the next group to find. Dispose of your trash in the proper way.
  • Respect our plant and animal life while visiting Marsh Haven. Do not pick or destroy plants in the woods or prairie, leave the plants for others to enjoy. Do not harass our wildlife – there is a delicate balance of species co-existing here and an amazing opportunity to see things not always available in other locations.
  • Be aware of muddy boots/shoes when entering the nature center. Remember that we are open to the public and please show respect for our visitors.
  • If you need anything, or have any questions, please just ask. Someone here is always happy to answer questions or show you around. Depending on who is working in the nature center there are opportunities to learn about snakes, Purple Martins, our animal ambassadors, Native American history and so much more – we love to share our interests with others. Let us know what we can do to make your visit more enjoyable!