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Animal Ambassadors

Invite the critters from Marsh Haven Nature Center to your school, library, organization, or care facility for an educational and fun animal experience. Gain a new appreciation for these amazing animals and learn fascinating facts about area wildlife.

The Marsh Haven Messengers are live Animal Ambassadors, here to share a message of care, concern, and education for all animals, including local species. Our domesticated animals have come to Marsh Haven through rescues or rehoming, and in the case of native species, they came from rehab centers, and cannot be returned to the wild. All have interesting stories that we would like to share with you. The Animal Ambassadors at Marsh Haven Nature Center are licensed through the USDA and permitted through Wisconsin DNR and US Fish & Wildlife Service.

Program Themes

Wild Birds of Prey

This program will introduce some of Wisconsin’s raptors through mounted specimens, artifacts, resources, and LIVE birds. Appreciate the many benefits raptors provide to humans and nature, learn action items to help our raptors through habitat conservation and awareness, and celebrate the majesty of these amazing birds of prey. It is a privilege to work with these incredible avian ambassadors as partners in education. These are educational birds and cannot be returned to the wild due to a variety of permanent injuries. Marsh Haven Nature Center holds permits from both the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to use these birds for educational purposes.  One-bird program – $125; Two-bird program – $175; Three-bird program – $200

Creepy, Crawly, & Cool

Meet the reptiles from Marsh Haven, including snakes, Common Snapping Turtle, Painted Turtle, and the more exotic Red-Footed Tortoise. Learn the difference between turtles and tortoises, what these cold-blooded creatures need to survive, and find out if snakes really are slimy! Items of interest include turtle shells and artifacts, snake skins, and more. Program includes a meet and greet with select animals. 45 to 60 minute program – $100

Story time with the Critters

Invite one of the Animal Ambassadors to share a story time with your group. They will bring along a favorite story about some of their animal friends and have a suggestion of an animal-themed craft.  45-minute program – $50

Note on animal programs: fees are based on the preparation time, time to load and unload, special transportation, supplies, permit fees, equipment, and long-term care of our resident educational animals.