Group Presentations

//Group Presentations (On- or Off-Site)
Group Presentations (On- or Off-Site)2021-01-19T04:07:52+00:00

Marsh Haven director and resident naturalist Renee Wahlen speaking in the outdoor amphitheater 

Multimedia programs with photos, videos, stories, and items of interest

Program Fee

On-site: $2.00/per person + admission ($4.00/adults and $2.00/children 14 and under)
Off-site: Honorarium appreciated


45 minutes to 1 hour
Admission includes unlimited time in the museum displays


Contact Marsh Haven director Renee Wahlen: or 920.318.9518

Available Programs

Wildlife at Marsh Haven
Every day is an adventure at Marsh Haven Nature Center, and this program will illustrate some of those adventures, encounters with wildlife, and beauty of the Horicon Marsh area. Adventures documented include: monarch butterfly releases, snapping turtles laying eggs in the parking lot, killdeer crossings, a purple martin colony, checking nest boxes and more. All Ages.

Secrets of the Snowy Owl
Learn more about this mysterious and magnificent visitor from the north. This presentation includes stunning photos, owl information, updates on any recent sightings, and a mounted representation of the species. Adults.

Environmental Education & Ecopsychology
Look at EE through an ecopsychological lens. Learn about one of the newest fields of psychology that is interested in the human-nature connection. Discover ways to incorporate ecopsychology into your EE work to help others connect with nature through deeper and more meaningful experiences. Adults & Educators.

Birds, Butterflies, and Your Backyard
Discover more about the beautiful birds and butterflies found in this area. Learn about the monarch population at Marsh Haven Nature Center, and look at what makes a bird and butterfly friendly backyard. You will be sent home with resources and seed to create your own backyard bird, butterfly, and pollinator-friendly garden. Adults.

Horicon Marsh History
Learn about the fascinating history of the Horicon Marsh – from Lake Horicon, to farmland, to a national wildlife refuge – this Wetland of International Importance has a long and storied past. Older Youth/Adults.

Learn more about the study of the timing of natural events and the important contributions Aldo Leopold made to the field of Phenology. Discover ways you can observe and record natural events in your own backyard, or local natural area and be a Citizen Scientist. All Ages.

Monarchs & Milkweed
As the Monarch Butterfly faces declining numbers, discover more about the connection between monarchs and milkweed plants, and their annual migration to Mexico. We’ll discuss the importance of pollinators, and learn how we can all help the monarch butterfly. All Ages.