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Wild Birds of prey school program

Thank you for your interest in a Wild Birds of Prey program for your students. Here are a few informational items for your review, please feel free to contact us with any specific questions.

Program Options


We can offer a virtual (Zoom-based platform) program for those groups who cannot travel to Marsh Haven or when a virtual program would work the best.

In-person at your location

Face to face programs are available at your facility depending on distance and setting.

In-person at Marsh Haven

Face to face programs at Marsh Haven Nature Center adds another dimension to your experience. Marsh Haven Nature Center has indoor museum displays on the history and wildlife of the Horicon Marsh area. We have BINGO and ISPY games to help view the exhibits. There are live animals, a Nature Nook kid’s room, hiking trails, picnic shelter, and more!


Thanks to grant funding from the Fond du Lac Community Foundation, Fondy 100 Gives, Alliant Foundation, and the Green Bay Packers Foundation, program fees have been waived for programs to schools, homeschool groups, and youth classes. There is no charge for this program.

Structure of Program

The program starts with a visual presentation with artifacts to illustrate the information presented. We discuss what makes a bird a raptor, adaptations, benefits of raptors, dangers they face, and how we can help them. The birds are presented individually, on a perch or glove. The stories of each bird is shared – how they came to live at Marsh Haven – adaptations are reinforced using the live bird, and more information about each species is given. There is always time for questions.

Length and Age-Groups

Programs can be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. We are flexible based on your schedule and availability. Programs can be presented to any age group, we modify the terminology used to the ages we are talking with. We find grades three and up are the most receptive to this program.

On site needs

  • If we are presenting at your location, we need two tables to set travel boxes and items on.
  • Our birds do need a presentation space that has a solid wall behind them. There should be no traffic flow or movement behind the birds. This will allow our birds to be comfortable and us to present the best program possible
  • Our permit states there can be no contact between the birds and the public. We ask for at least a 10-foot distance between students and our presentation area.
  • We need a screen or blank wall to project on to. I bring my visual program on an ipad and have a VGA adaptor. I can bring a flash drive if necessary. If you do not have a projector or SmartBoard we can use, please let me know and I will bring one along.

Pre-program preparation

We will email you a few worksheets, list of words and definitions, coloring sheets, and raptor information. Feel free to use all or none of these. We will be providing raptor infographics the day of the program for any students who would like them. The only preparation we do ask, in addition to the facility needs, is the following:

  • Please prepare the students for the live birds, by explaining that they used to live in the wild before they were injured. They are not like your dogs or cats; they are still wild animals and can get scared by loud noises or big movements. We do not pet the birds and again, there is a distance between birds and students as required by our federal permit. We ask that the students are quiet coming in and leaving the program area, stay seated in their spot, and listen closely to directions during the program. These few rules will make sure that everyone, including the birds, enjoy the program!

Marsh Haven Nature Center is permitted by the US Fish & Wildlife Service and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to use these birds for educational purposes and we thank them for that opportunity! No guarantee on which species will be at a program, they decide who wants to go that day.


Please contact Renee if you have any questions or concerns before setting up a program.
To schedule a program or for more information, please contact: