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scout programs

Girl Scout at Nature Center

Marsh Haven Nature Center has a long history of working with scouting groups on service learning projects, overnight accommodations, and nature education. We would welcome the opportunity to work with your group on setting up a program at Marsh Haven Nature Center. Call Renee at (920) 324-5818 or (920) 318-9518 to reserve your date today!

for girl scouts

Gather at least five scouts and two adults, pick a date, and reserve a two-hour badge program just for your group at Marsh Haven Nature Center.

happy campers

For Juniors, grades 4-5, troops and individuals with adult. Be prepared to have a great camping experience. Learn about gear, compass reading, fire building, camp cooking and Leave No Trace principles. Girls will work towards their Camper badge while preparing for their next camp experience. $6 girl/$0 adult.

animal homes

For Juniors, grades 4-5, troops and individuals with adult. What do animals need to survive? What is a habitat? How can we help protect habitats for our local native species? Meet the Marsh Haven critters. Explore habitats & match food to the animals. Explore the prairie, woods & wetland while we look for suitable habitats for local animals. Girls will work on requirements for the Animal Habitats Badge. $6 girl/$0 adult.

Creepy, Crawly & Cool

For Brownies, grades 2-3, troops and individuals with an adult. Learn more about the cool, creepy and crawly bugs and insects around us. What is the difference between a bug and an insect? What bugs live in Wisconsin? Meet the creepy, crawly critters at Marsh Haven. Go on a bug hunt & find insects in their natural habitats. Girls will work on requirements for the Bugs Badge. $6 girl/$0 adult.

take a hike girl scout program

For Brownies, grades 2-3, troops and individuals with an adult. Get prepared to head out on the trail. Learn how to plan, pack and complete a safe and successful hike. Girls will work on requirements for the Hiker badge and complete a hike on the trails at Marsh Haven Nature Center. $6 girl/$0 adult.

A Day for Daisy Scouts: Flower Garden

For Daisy Scouts, grades K-1, troops and individuals with an adult. Go on an alphabet hike, learn about worm composting and more! Explore a garden, and plant your own container garden you can take home and watch the herbs grow. This experience connects to the Daisy Flower Garden Journey, but any Daisy can attend. $6 girl/$0 adult.

A Day for Daisy Scouts: Earth & Sky

For Daisy Scouts, grades K-1, troops and individuals with an adult. This nature experience follows the Between Earth and Sky Journey with activities such as a nature walk with a focus on Leave No Trace principles, seasons, seed distribution and textures. Girls can earn the Clover Award by learning how to protect the Horicon Marsh, a national treasure. $6 girl/$0 adult.**Fees do not include badges; leaders can purchase badges through the Girl Scout Shop.


Overnights in the Museum

Gather a group of 10 or more people and plan your own special Overnight in the Museum. Discover the displays in darkness, learn by lamplight, and campout by the critters. Moonlight hike, campfire, movie, and animal ambassador program. Marsh Haven welcomes groups to this unique overnight opportunity. Pre-registration required – $20 a person for groups for 10 or more (scouts, 4-H, school groups). Overnight guests are responsible for providing and maintaining the chaperone ratio of one adult for every five children. Sleepovers run 6 pm to 9 am the following day

Boy Scout Badge Programs

A merit badge counselor is available for Boy Scouts to work on their Nature merit badge.


Marsh Haven Nature Center has a long history of partnering with Eagle Scout candidates to help the scout explore their areas of interest and help the nature center on important projects. We are pleased to share this list of past projects and are always willing to discuss future projects with potential Eagle Scouts!

  • 1993 – Shrubs along west side of building, new fire pit, trail marker signs, rail fences
  • 1994 – Bat house
  • 1998 – West retaining wall by main building
  • 1999 – East retaining wall by main building
  • 2000 – Floating boardwalk
  • 2001 – Picnic shelter and fire ring refurbished
  • 2011 – Picnic shelter roof replaced
  • 2013 – Bridge over dam replaced
  • 2015 – Outdoor amphitheater refurbished
  • 2015 – Rock retaining walls rebuilt and landscaped
  • 2016 – Bridge on wetland trail replaced
  • 2017 – Orienteering course, geocache, and solar ovens
  • 2018 – Observation dock on Lake LaPresto and Bird/Bat houses


Marsh Haven BINGO

Be observant as a sharp-eyed Bob-White Quail and try to spot the items inside the nature center. There are several versions of Marsh Haven BINGO sheets and your group can be divided up into teams. Ask for BINGO sheets, clipboards and pencils to start your search.

Tug-of-War Rope

Tug-of-War is a game of strength that can be played by young kids in elementary school through adults. The ultimate goal is to use to teamwork to overcome the combined strength of the opposing team. Scientific principles, including leverage, can create a situation in which the stronger team does not necessarily always win. The objective of the sport is to either pull all the members of the opposite team, or a certain part of the rope, into their own territory.

Go on a Nature Treasure Hunt

Ask for copies of the Nature Treasure Hunt sheets. We have two versions – one for approx. 4-7 years old and one for ages 8 and up. Search for these items on the trail, behind the nature center building, near the picnic shelter or campfire area.

Learn about Purple Martins

If the resident Purple Martin expert is available, your group can learn more about this fascinating bird that returns each year from wintering in South America. Marsh Haven has a well-established Purple Martin colony with close to 150 young Martins raised each year. Get a close-up view of the four unique “apartment buildings” located west of the main building.

Spend time in the Nature Nook

Your group can explore the Nature Nook area inside the Vine/Griffith Education Center. There is a touch table, books to look through, puzzles and other kid-friendly items to browse through. Visit with our retired magic doves and other animal ambassadors.

Have a snack/lunch

Utilize the picnic shelter and/or picnic tables located outside for lunch/snack breaks. We ask that you please clean up after your group and properly dispose of any trash in the blue barrels located inside the classroom. We recycle plastics 1 &2, paper, glass, tin, and aluminum. Please place compostable items in the compost bin while outside or white pails in the classroom.

Watch an educational movie in the theater

Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate with your visit. Marsh Haven has a library of educational, nature-themed films including the history of the Horicon Marsh and species-specific titles and documentaries.