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This is a hands-on, experiential learning opportunity for families ($10 per session) or individuals ($5 per session), pre-registration is required one week before each session—call (920) 324-5818 or email director@marshhaven.org to register. Attend one or all four. Late registration accepted if spots are available—call to inquire.

Saturday, May 11 – 9am to 11am. Learning how to build a shelter by using natural materials can be essential for your survival. You will have to protect yourself from extreme elements.

Saturday, May 25 – 9am to 11am. We need fire to purify water, keep ourselves warm, keep predators away or cook our food. Not to mention that we can use the smoke as an SOS signal during the day, and the light it produces when it’s dark.
Saturday, June 8 – 9am to 11am. Finding drinkable water when out in the woods is a challenge unless it rains. You can take water from streams, ponds, springs and morning dew. You can either purify water through heat or via chemical treatments.
Saturday, June 22 – 9am to 11am. If you know how to improvise making hunting weapons then that’s a plus. Setting up traps or fishing with a hook and line on a river or stream can be essential. Foraging for the right fruits in shrubs or fruit trees is also another alternative. Watch out for those that are poisonous though.

If we have a good turnout for these sessions, we will follow up with navigation, packing, other essentials so we can plan an overnight or weekend in the backcountry!

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